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VPM0824 pLIVE Mirus 哺乳动物表达载体 2000 现货


The pLIVE® vector (Liver In Vivo Expression) is designed for high level, prolonged expression of transgenes

in the mouse liver. This vector utilizes a chimeric promoter composed of the mouse alpha fetoprotein

enhancer II and the minimal mouse albumin promoter. Two introns have been engineered into the vector to

increase the expression of the delivered transgene. Downstream of the first intron is a multiple cloning site

(MCS) with eight unique restriction sites allowing for simple insertion of the gene of interest. Together the

chimeric promoter and two introns are capable of promoting high level transgene expression in the liver for

extended lengths of time compared to classic promoters such as the CMV immediate early promoter.

In addition to the pLIVE ® Vector, two reporter vectors derived from pLIVE, pLIVE-LacZ (encoding β-

galactosidase) and pLIVE-SEAP (encoding Secreted Embryonic Alkaline Phosphatase), were created for use

as positive controls. Expression of the LacZ gene from pLIVE-LacZ can be monitored in the liver using either

classical X-gal staining of liver sections or quantitative ß-galactosidase assays of liver lysates. Expression of

the SEAP gene from pLIVE-SEAP can be easily monitored using a quantitative assay of mouse serum. The

high level, long term liver-specific expression of transgenes from the pLIVE ® Expression Vector, as well as

the availability of the positive control pLIVE ® -lacZ and pLIVE ® -SEAP Reporter Vectors, make the pLIVE ®

Vector series the ideal choice for in vivo liver expression studies in mice.


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