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货号 种属 载体 描述 价格 周期
PR10169 Mouse pDrive 3500 3-4 周


Gene Promoter: Immunoglobulin Beta
Specificity: B cells
Backbone: pDRIVE, pDRIVE5-SEAP, pGL3-basic, ect.


pDRIVE-B29(human&mouse) Map 产品说明书(点击下载)

pDRIVE-B29(human) Sequence 产品说明书(点击下载)

pDRIVE-B29(mouse) Sequence 产品说明书(点击下载)

pDRIVE5-SEAP-B29(human) Map 产品说明书(点击下载)

pDRIVE5-SEAP-B29(human) Sequence 产品说明书(点击下载)


B29 (Igbeta) is a B-cell-specific member of the immunoglobulin gene superfamily that is expressed throughout B-cell development. The product of the B29 gene is an essential component of the B cell receptor and plays a critical role in B cell development. The B29 gene lacks either a TATA or a CAAT box and transcription is initiated at multiple sites [1]. The minimal promoter of the human B29 gene is contained within a < 200-bp region 5' of these multiple start sites [2]. This minimal promoter exhibits B-cell-specific activity and contains SP1, ETS, OCT, and IKAROS/LYF-1 transcription factor motifs [3].

1. Hermanson GG. et al. 1989. Immunoglobulin enhancer and promoter motifs 5' of the B29 B-cell-specific gene. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 86(19):7341-5.
2. Omori SA. & Wall R. 1993. Multiple motifs regulate the B-cell-specific promoter of the B29 gene. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 90(24):11723-7.
3. Thompson AA. et al., 1996. The promoter and 5' flanking sequences controlling human B29 gene expression. Blood. 87(2):666-73.

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