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货号 种属 载体 描述 价格 周期
PR10004 Human pDrive 询价 3-4 周


Gene Promoter: βAct: Beta-Actin
Specificity: Ubiquitous
Backbone: pDRIVE, pDRIVE5-SEAP, pGL3-basic, ect.


pDRIVE-βAct/RU5'(human) Map 产品说明书(点击下载)

pDRIVE-βAct/RU5'(human) Sequence 产品说明书(点击下载)


β-Actin prom / HTLV 5’UTR

Beta-actin is a highly conserved protein ubiquitously expressed in all eukaryotic cells as a component of the cytoskeleton and as a mediator of internal cell motility. A 1.2-kb fragment of the β-actin 5’ flanking region is sufficient for efficient transcription [1]. This 1.2-kb fragment contains a TATA box, a CCAAT box and two highly conserved elements. The region between +765 and +783 downstream from the cap site has enhancer activity and acts as a serum-response element in quiescent cells [2]. This 19-bp element contains a CC(A/T)6GG sequence which is found in the promoter region of many cytoskeletal and muscle-specific actin genes. The human β-actin promoter was shown to drive high levels of expression of a transgene in vitro [3]. InvivoGen provides a larger fragment that includes the 5’UTR of the β-actin gene.

1. Sugiyama H. et al. 1988. Strong transcriptional promoter in the 5' upstream region of the human beta-actin gene. Gene. 65(1):135-9.
2. Orita S. et al., 1989. Identification of a site that mediates transcriptional response of the human beta-actin gene to serum factors. Gene.75(1):13-9.
3. Muller SR. et al. 1990. Efficient transfection and expression of heterologous genes in PC12 cells. DNA Cell Biol 9(3):221-9.

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