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VYC0094 pDsRED2-Mito Clontech 荧光蛋白报告载体 询价 现货


pDsRed2-Mito is a mammalian expression vector that encodes a fusion of Discosoma sp. red

fluorescent protein (DsRed2) and the mitochondrial targeting sequence from subunit VIII of

human cytochrome c oxidase (Mito;). The Mito sequence is fused to the 5'-end of DsRed2,

a human codon-optimized DsRed variant that is engineered for faster maturation and lower non-

specific aggregation. The Mito sequence targets the Mito-DsRed2 fusion protein to the host

cell’s mitochondria.


To drive expression of Mito-DsRed2, this vector contains the immmediate early promoter of

cytomegalovirus (P CMV IE  ). SV40 polyadenylation signals downstream of the DsRed2 gene direct

proper processing of the 3'-end of the Mito-DsRed2 mRNA. This vector also contains an SV40

origin for replication in any mammalian cell line that expresses the SV40 T-antigen, a pUC origin of

replication for propagation in E. coli, and an f1 origin for single-stranded DNA production. A neomy-

cin resistance cassette—consisting of the SV40 early promoter (P SV40e ), the neomycin/kanamycin

resistance gene of Tn5 (Neo r /Kan r ), and polyadenylation signals from the herpes simplex virus

thymidine kinase (HSV TK poly A) gene—allow stably transfected eukaryotic cells to be selected

using G418. A bacterial promoter (P) upstream of this cassette drives expression of the gene

encoding kanamycin resistance in E. coli.


pDsRed2-Mito is designed for fluorescent labeling of mitochondria. The vector can be introduced

into mammalian cells using any standard transfection method. If required, stable transformants

can be selected using G418 (6). The Mito-DsRed2 fusion (excitation/emission maxima: 558 nm/

583 nm) can be detected by fluorescence microscopy and by flow cytometry. To detect Mito-

DsRed2-expressing cells by flow cytometry, use the instrument’s argon-ion laser to excite the fluo-

rophore at 488 nm and the FL-2 channel to detect the fluorophore’s emission at 583 nm.


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