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VYC0112 pDsRed-Express2-N1 Clontech 荧光蛋白报告载体 询价 现货


pDsRed-Express2-N1 is a mammalian expression vector designed to express a protein of interest fused to the N-terminus of DsRed-Express2, a variant of the Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein, DsRed (1). DsRed-Express2 retains the fast maturation and high photostability characteristic of its predecessor, DsRed-Express (2), and has been engineered (through additional amino acid substitutions) for increased solubility (3). Although it most likely forms the same tetrameric structure as wild-type DsRed, DsRed-Express2 displays a greatly reduced tendency to aggregate, resulting in reduced cyto- and phototoxicity, and making DsRed-Express2 much better suited for in vivo applications involving sensitive cells, such as primary or stem cells. (Please note: Because DsRed-Express2 likely forms tetramers, its suitability as a fusion partner will largely depend on how its tetramerization affects the function of the protein to which it is fused.) DsRed-Express2 also exhibits extremely low residual green fluorescence, which allows cells expressing the protein to be effectively separated from other fluorescently labeled cell populations by flow